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If you have a problem, a concern, or an issue with me or my character, I am always willing to communicate. (See the contact post.) I am a good listener, and I will not judge you for your thoughts or feelings.

Be specific. Tell me what I or my character said or did that was a problem for you or your character. How exactly did this affect you or your character?

Note: If you are trying to get me to change my basic characterization, I will certainly listen to what you have to say, but my decision on these matters is mine alone. I have known many players who were into collaborative characterization. That's fine, it is their style -- but it is not mine.

However, I am always up for collaborative PLOTTING! If you have an idea, contact me at this journal, and I will be happy to accommodate you.
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So I've played against you in Hadriel for a while now and I've found it increasingly difficult to work with your tags. I doubt you intend for this to be the case, but it's gotten to the point where it feels like tagging you back is a chore.

Infomodding: Your tags frequently pick and choose aspects of characters that Curufin would know nothing about and incorporate those into his responses. He picks up on the way Sans speaks, such as his "font," when a) I don't use said font in prose or action tags, and b) Curufin would have no idea what comic sans font is due to the time period he lives in.

Godmodding: With the powers at his disposal, it's not very fun to play off him at all. Any time someone looks like they're going to get into a scrap with him, you introduce a paragraph or two about why they'd lose and why their powers won't work on his all-powerful godlike abilities. The battle with Sans's double was one such example. He got into scrapes with several people who hurt him and who he hurt in turn, instead of being turned into one character's personal punching bag. Instead of a willingness to work with his powers, you simply gave a lengthy explanation as to why he wouldn't land a scratch on your character, with the assumption that the only acceptable way for the battle to end was for Curufin to die taking him out for for neither of them to die at all. That isn't fun. That's supremely boring. I'm not asking for people to always win against him, but RPing is a give-and-take hobby, and right now you're all taking without giving.

Additionally, your responses occasionally completely overlook how characters might react to what Curufin is saying. When you have a big long block of text that goes on with the assumption that the character is going to be paying perfect attention and be perfectly all right with what he's saying, it gets harder to want to sustain the thread. Our first thread with the Colosseum was a good example. He went on to up and blow up the Colosseum after his explanation, all in one big long tag, and Sans didn't get any opportunities to interject to ask questions.

I'm not sure if you're new to DWRP. If so, these problems are easy fixes. Communicate more with other players and ask them whether it's all right to do the things you plan to do. Don't simply go ahead with something that might not be okay with the other player. That forces people to work around your preferences, and RP is meant to be collaborative. People aren't your fun dispensers. Other characters aren't props to make Curufin look better.