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Hadriel Inbox

This is Curufin. I'm probably drunk or killing somebody, but please leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

(Ha ha. I'm kidding. But do leave me a message! XD)

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Video; dated 1/28

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[Yukari has looked through his dresser recently, and found a certain, well-written letter addressed to him inside his sock drawer. After reading it, he video transmits to Curufin. No, he doesn't care if he's busy! Just what the Hell is this?!

His face is visibly a blend of confusion, embarrassment, and irritation.

Curufin-san, I thought you said I was the one who confessed to you.

[He takes a deep breath and tries to keep his voice level. It's not his fault. It's not his fault that he fell for it. Just... why though? Why him? Why this mess? Why this letter?]

Do you realise you were almost seduced by my clone?
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It wasn't!

[He runs a hand over his face. Why should this bother him, anyway? Things turned out alright, didn't they? No, that's not the point! Curufin was about to sleep with someone who looked like him.]

I found... a letter, in my drawer as I was getting dressed. From a very certain Copy telling me that he kissed you first! Along with other details!

[Nothing that he plans to elabourate on. He's visibly getting more red from embarrassment as he tries to explain even this.]
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[Yukari gets stuck on his words for a moment. How to explain this so he doesn't have to outright say any of it... He contemplates letting Curufin read it himself, but that would be even more embarrassing, having to sit in silence while he reads the recollected details of their encounter.]

Yes, a letter. He said he could have made you his, and that... [He looks at the letter again. Good God, why?] He teased your ear. Curufin-san, just... How close did this get?

...Wait, don't answer that... I don't think I want to know.

[More out of embarrassment for himself than being frustrated at the Elf.]

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Backdated to the evening of 2/16 | Voice

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[The fact that Yukari's not using video should be a telltale sign that something is up. He always uses video unless there is a reason not to. Well, that reason is he doesn't want Curufin to panic while he explains himself.

Initially, Yukari thought about wearing a turtle neck to keep it hidden. But the Elf was on a prolongued stay. He was bound to notice the purple marks of where a hand once was on Yukari's throat eventually, and sooner rather than later.

So, he figures it's better to try and explain himself now than hurt Curufin by trying to hide it. He doesn't like this, but he knows it's the best way.

Curufin-san, I need to talk to you. Are you busy?
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Well, I... I wanted a little fresh air today so I went outside on my own. [Mistake number one. This feels like it just got significantly harder.] And I... kind of got into a fight? [Mistake number two. He can already feel like Curufin won't let him out of his sight again. Yukari was't supposed to be out and about on his own in the first place.]
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Some dark brat that insisted I had sworn my loyalty to him and claimed that I said... [Yukari pause with a groan. His voice is tense and embarrassed.] he insisted that I told him that he could have drinks on me.

[Yukari still has to force the bile back when he thinks about it.]

So, I told him I would have done neither of those things. And he called me, me brain damaged. So, I insulted him on several lavels. I'm okay. Mostly. But, my neck is bruised, and... I think a few of my ribs might be, too. I'd... I didn't choose my battle very well. If it weren't for Regis-chan, it probably would have ended much worse.

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[Why is he shooting a text? He never shoots text.]

Hey, Curufin-san, someone told me how I might be able to get my eye back. If I understand how this works correctly, pick me up at the Colosseum in a day or two. I'll be back soon, hopefully good as new.
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[Yukari considers if he should respond for a moment. Curufin is obviously worried.]

It'll be okay. Trust me. I need to loosen up and have a little fun anyway.

[He doesn't elabourate on where he's going, though.]

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Backdated to 3/4; Video

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[Yukari takes a breath as he makes the call.]

So, it was you, right?
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[Yukari puts a hand over his face. He was nothing but snappy with the Anon-Elf in that text session. Oops.]

Yes, that was me. [He feels so tempted to scold, not that he had any good reason to. Neither of them knew who the other was for a solid minute there. And Curufin's free to browse the Anonymous Listing. Yukari certainly had.

Another moment as he gives a thought. He knows he was in the wrong.

Sorry for being snippy. [He does think Curufin helps, really. He's just still grumpy how people show up with this whole ordeal.]


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Hey, did you wake up with a weird bracelet and a note this morning?

[Yukari wonders if this is someone's idea of a joke, actually. He's checking.]
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Confusion, which is orange. [Rather tacky, actually.] It seems rather odd, but I suppose I can handle this Team thing.

Pity we're not on the same one. Are you going to participate?


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Voice; 3/29

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[Static and broken, Yukari doesn't want to show his face since he's panicking. But his tone probably edges at that anyway.]

Curufin? Where are you? Please, just let me know you're okay. Stay safe, and please be careful. I'll figure something out.

...God, just please be okay...
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Video; 4/1

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[His face is tired, like he hasn't slept in days. His voice sounds determined, though, if a little strained.]

I'm doing everything I can to Help Fear-chan tear down this wall. I promise I'm coming for you. God, I hope this gets through. Curufin, I promise I haven't forgotten about you. I will find you again. Even...

[His voice chokes a little and his composure slips to show the grief he's been fighting back.]

Even if the Door has taken you from me, I'll find a way. Please just hold on. I'm doing everything I can.
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Voice; 4/5

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[At this point, he sounds downright exhausted. His voice is weary and dry, as though he hasn't taken the time to even drink water while he's been fighting.]

Curufin... I'm trying so hard. I miss you. I want to see you, or hear you. I wish my communications would get through to you. I wish you were here beside me. I never... I never thought we would be separated. Not like this. I can only hope that when this wall is gone, you'll be there.

This separation is tearing me to pieces... I never wanted.... I never want to be without you. You make my life more beautiful than I ever imagined it could be. I don't think I ever got to tell you that. Please... please wait for me. I don't know how much longer it'll be, but please wait...

I don't even know if you're getting any of these... [His voice tints at the edge of a sob.] I'm genuinely scared right now... I guess that's good for Fear-chan. But I'm so... so worried that this wall will come down and you won't be there. I wish I could be there for you right now. I wish I could have been there this whole time.

Curufin... You're the most important thing to me. I... I love you. I don't even mind if anyone else hears that with you right now. I'm going to do better at showing my affection for you. I know I withhold alot. And I'm sorry. God, just give me the chance to make it up. Please be on the other side of that wall. Please be there when it comes down. I miss you so much... I'll be fighting until that day with everything I've got.

Please wait for me....