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Power Opt-in & Power Opt-out Post

Power Opt-in:

Items (7), (8), and (9) in the Abilities section of the Info Post:

--Sensitivity to the thoughts, feelings, and motivations of others in the sense that all Elves are, and the Noldor in particular. The term used is sanwe-layta. An ability that is not completely identical with telepathy, but may at times express itself as such. (This ability is not consistently manifested, as must be obvious from even a cursory reading of the Silmarillion.)

--A positively sorcerous ability to conjure a vision in the minds of others, using voice and language as the vector of this magic. The result is a hypnotic trance that may be lasting. (This is akin to the skill of the Elven minstrels that Tolkien describes in his essay, "On Fairy Stories," though Curufin is not a minstrel.)

--Foreknowledge -- "My heart warns me . . ." is the phrase he uses. Not a frequent experience, and it seems to be about bad things happening in the near future, not good things. However, I assume that potentially, he could have foreknowledge of positive events. (Nevermind! He won't be exhibiting this power in Arda Marred at all.)

If you want Curufin to manifest any of these abilities with respect to your character, post below. But in any case, the conjuring a vision thing is a "special occasion" ability. He wouldn't be doing that very often. In fact, if he does this at all, it would probably be: (a) In the context of scaring off some NPC Orcs, or (b) giving that karaoke performance a little extra sparkle. (And neither without the consent of the other players involved.)

Content Opt-out:

Triggery things:

--He is quite savage in a battle situation. If you don't like stabby and choppy kinds of behavior, let me know and he just won't fight in your character's presence. (Or fight your character.)

--He has a nasty temper, but for the most part, he keeps a tight rein on it and expresses it in indirect ways and in a delayed manner. In the past, he was inclined to believe that revenge is a dish best served cold. However, he's not a lunatic anymore, and he won't be manifesting his temper at all unless you and I specifically set up a situation in which reverting to old behavior is logical and likely. And it would have to be a pretty extreme situation for that to happen. If you want to discuss such a possibility, let me know.

--He also has a nasty history. He participated in two Kinslayings, and the only thing that prevented him from getting in on the third Kinslaying was that he was DEAD by that time. In the attack on Doriath, he probably killed men, women, and possibly children (if they didn't have the presence of mind or the agility to RUN AWAY). Before that, he contrived to come as a guest to his cousin Finrod's kingdom and proceeded to overthrow him. (Rudeness and lack of appreciation for hospitality, at the least!) He helped his brother kidnap Luthien and tried to force her father to agree to a marriage (to Celegorm) that she certainly would not have agreed to, even if her father had been for it. And then later, when Beren kicked his ass, he tried to kill Luthien -- in retaliation, and for her and Beren's intending to acquire a Silmaril without giving it back to its original owners. (Vindictive. Doesn't share his toys with other children. Also, had at the time questionable ethics with respect to the issue of consent. *See note below.) Miscellaneous threats and extortions, all having to do with the Silmaril.

So if you don't want him to bring up any of this, post here. However, he probably won't bring it up anyway, unless he has come to know your character quite well -- and maybe not even then. However, if the occasion arises, he may be up for making apologies to those he has wronged. (Strange but true.)

*Note, on the issue of consent: That was past madness, a deviation from his own natural beliefs. This will NEVER be an issue in the present.