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Mood Mix For a New Day

"The Two Trees" -- Loreena McKennitt
(W.B. Yeats' 1893 poem. The Tree of Life, which is the source of all love, beauty, and delight, has its roots in the human heart. The demon glass, whose vision blasts the tree to blackened branches, is surely in Feanor's generation the jewels that capture the Light of Valinor and create the opportunity for the heart to be trapped by the desire to possess that light. But the fatal mirror has its origins before the Silmarils were ever dreamed or made. This is true in all worlds. I take this poem to be the song of Nerdanel the Wise, a prayer for Feanor and their seven sons. Curufin, who is currently the only living member of this family on the Hither Shore, inherits this haunting music as his theme song.)

"Tri Martolod" -- Alan Stivell
(Breton song. "Three young sailors went traveling." Well, seven in this case. A song for Feanor's sons on the voyage up the coast of Aman to the Helcaraxe. And then a song for the years in Beleriand. And then an ironic traveling song for Curufin, going his way alone.) (NOTE: Breton is closely related to Welsh, the language Tolkien used as a model for Sindarin, the Elves' common tongue.)

"Gortoz a Ran" -- Denez Prigent and Lisa Gerrard
(Breton song. "I waited a long time, the shadow of gray towers..." [See translation here.] The ultimate exile's song. The Sundering Seas. The memory of the Kinslaying, and of the burning of the ships at Losgar.)

"Minä ja hän" -- Jenni Vartiainen
(Finnish artist. Song of longing for one who is gone, and the awareness that love extends forever in time, even though the loved one departs. A song for all those who were left behind, and for all those who voyaged or journeyed away but never forget those they left.) (NOTE: Finnish is the language Tolkien used as a model for Quenya, the Elves' formal language.)

"Celtic Warrior Song" -- Marcondes Farias
(For the Wars of Beleriand.)

"In the End" -- Black Veil Brides
(For the sons of Fëanor.)

"Till the Last Shot's Fired" -- Trace Adkins
("...and I'm still hoping I did not die in vain. Say a prayer for peace for every fallen soul. Sweet mother Mary, we're so tired! -- but we can't come home till the last shot's fired." The endless war against Morgoth, and the people who have to fight it.)

"Any Lounge Color" (Guitar Bar Classics Lounge Mix) -- Lounge Pilots
(Guitar del Mar. Music for going on, with or without courage.)

"Broceliande" -- Alan Stivell
(Merlin and Viviane. The worlds collide. You never know what you might meet in the enchanted forest, or what the consequences of such a meeting may be. Stivell never found Broceliande, but you do, because you have your being in the Perilous Realm. And if you encounter the daughter of the Elven King of Doriath fleeing through the woods on her way to meet her fate, and you are moved to intervene in her destiny, to your own advantage -- beware, Curufin! [Lyrics and translation here.])

"Black Heart" -- Calexico
(Sinister vision. The unrighteous man facing the universe alone. Last chance.)

"Thugz Mansion" -- Tupac Shakur (feat. Nas & J. Phoenix)
("Where do we go when we die? Ain't no heaven for a thug. That's why we go to Thugz Mansion -- that's the only place thugs get in free....and you gotta be a G! No stress from the world outside, every wrong will be all right, nothin' but peace and love and street passion..." Curufin foresees his own end, and that of his brothers. And you know Feanor must have gone to that place.)

"Going Up" -- Coli
(If you are a prince, you may grow up with an unreal belief that you have the right to whatever you can take. But the memory of snow in the Helcaraxe strongly opposes that delusion.)

"Let the Bodies Hit the Floor" -- Drowning Pool
(The disastrous, murderous assault on the kingdom of Doriath.)

"Flickers" -- Son Lux
(Death. This one just strikes me as belonging in here. Wouldn't you know it, he died in a cave. He hates caves. Flickers of stars? The lost Silmarils? The lanterns of his grieving brothers? The light of another world?)

"Sanvean" (I Am Your Shadow) -- Lisa Gerrard
(That which follows us always, and cannot be shaken, because it is no stranger to us but resides at the core of our being. The thing we most hate and fear in ourselves, and yet sometimes it is the very thing, the only thing that redeems us.)

"All the Pretty Little Ponies" -- Brittany Dillion
(A Western version of "All the Pretty Little Horses." A lullaby I suspect someone might have sung to a young Curufin, who in his adulthood is described as a cunning and skillful horseman.)
"All the Pretty Little Horses" -- Tiny Home
(This is a couple of cafe singers performing a similar version as the one above, but really, I like this one best of all. It's beautiful, mysterious, and a bit melancholy.)

"See You Again" -- Wiz Khalifa (feat. Charlie Puth)
("And now you gonna be with me for the last ride..." A song for the seven brothers after the deaths of Celegorm, Caranthir, and Curufin.)

"Ys" -- Alan Stivell
(Music for drowned Ys, a Celtic legend of a lost continent. In the Middle-earth of Curufin's day, it was Beleriand that was drowned at the end of the First Age. There is no going back.)

"Alone" -- Kenny G
(Saxophone solo. Jazz with a very faintly Spanish flavor. The Everlasting Dark failed to swallow up Curufin, and now here he is back in Middle-earth. His family is gone, but he goes on.)

Telenn Gwad" -- Alan Stivel
(Only the first 53 seconds of this track. A song that invokes the spirit of the harp, as a prelude to the rest of the performance. Curufin, who is not such as singer as his brother Maglor the famous bard, is nevertheless capable of hypnotizing with song almost as easily as he was once able to use the spoken word to cast a sorcerous spell on the assembly at Nargothrond. This is how I hear his voice. [ Breton lyrics here.] )

"Lady of the Lake" -- Govannen
(Curufin's first impression of Tauriel.)

"Summer Rain" -- Hybrid Minds
(Summer downpour while Curufin is journeying in Mirkwood with Tauriel of the Wood-Elf kingdom, met by chance on a summer's day -- if there is really such a thing as chance. Memory, empathy, and eternity.)

~~~~~~~ TIME GOES BY ~~~~~~~

"My Heart Is Refusing Me" -- Loreen
(Tauriel after the Battle of Five Armies, when Curufin comes looking for her.)
"My heart is Refusing Me" -- Loreen
(The acoustic version, also very lovely.)


"Pop Plin," "Suite Sudarmoricaine," and "The King of the Fairies" -- Alan Stivell
(Dance music for Curufin and Tauriel on that occasion when they got drunk and danced on the tables in the dining hall at Rivendell. They were joined and supported by a group of Elvish musicians who were eating a late lunch before a scheduled practice for a concert that night in the Hall of Fire.)
"Suite Sudarmoricaine" -- Alan Stivell
(And here's my favorite concert video of Stivell performing this piece.)
"The King of the Fairies" -- Alan Stivell
(And here's my favorite concert video of Stivell and violinist Rene Werneer performing this piece.)
"The King of the Fairies" -- Alan Stivell and Rene Werneer
(And here they are in 2012, STILL MAKING THAT ROCKIN' BRETON MUSIC!!)

"Crushed and Created" -- Caitlyn Smith
(Tauriel's mun found this one -- thanks! The same events that test us also give us our strengths, and we find healing in this. Tauriel in Rivendell.)


"Ek Ong Kaar" -- Snatam Kaur
(See the translation on the video page. "In the crucible of love, melt the nectar of the Name." From a Sikh prayer entitled "Japji Sahib," the verse that gives you the power to rewrite your own destiny. The metaphor of the forge. A mantra for an Elvish metalsmith.)

"The Gayatri Mantra" -- Deva Premal and Miten.
(A verse from the Rig Veda. Bestows wisdom and enlightenment, through the vehicle of the Sun, which is the symbol of the source of the universe. Appropriate for the light-loving Elves, especially for the son of one whose heart was captured by a secondary and imprisoned source of that light -- the Silmarils.)
The Essence -- Deva Premal
(Starts with same mantra, sung a little more briskly, with really cool video images of a goddess-like figure with a magnificent bird of prey.)

"Dream of You" -- Schiller
(The return to Middle-earth. Re-embodiment. The beacon light that brings Curufin home.)

"Three poems from Rainer Maria Rilke's Book of Hours: Love Poems to God."
(The middle one, especially -- contains Rilke's rendition of God's very sensible and mystical instructions to those he has made. Guitar music by Makana.)

Lichtblick -- Schiller
(The way. The dance of Energy, the shimmer of Creation. And oh yes, re-embodiment, which to tell the truth is a horrible shock to the system, no matter how much it is desired. The jarring, beautiful, discordant thunder of life coursing through the world and oneself again. Curufin treks down from the Grey Mountains into the Forest River valley, not knowing he is about to meet Tauriel and be unexpectedly welcomed into the living world again.)

[ And this fanmix continues (with all its canonical or AU elements), as I find music to add to it. ]


Translation of lyrics to "Gortoz A Ran":

I was waiting, waiting for a long time,
In the dark shadow of grey towers,
In the dark shadow of grey towers.

In the dark shadow of rain towers
You will see me waiting forever,
You will see me waiting forever.

One day it will come back
Over the lands, over the seas;
The blue wind will return
And take back with it my wounded heart.

I will be pulled away by its breath
Far away in the stream, wherever it wishes,
Wherever it wishes, far away from this world,
Between the sea and the stars.

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