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Curufin, son of FĂ«anor ([personal profile] so_dark_a_road) wrote2015-06-10 02:33 am

Oh Absalom

[ On his way down the hillside, down into the valley where there must be a path or a road, or at least a stream he can follow. Valley pathways always lead somewhere. That is, if to be somewhere is what he wants. He is still not sure about that. Maybe what he really wants is to be nowhere. But he is a strong, determined man, and he forges on, by instinct if not by reason. He halts suddenly, struck by knowledge, like a whisper out of the night. ]

My son is still alive. I know it.

[ He doesn't expect ever to meet him again, however, not in life or death. Their paths are severed. And that was the case long before Curufin and his brothers attacked Doriath, trying to wrest the one available Silmaril from Luthien's son, Dior. But now a weight is lifted from his shoulders, and he can go on knowing that at least, somewhere under moon or stars or sun, Celebrimbor follows his own destiny. He almost smiles. ]