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Curufin, son of FĂ«anor ([personal profile] so_dark_a_road) wrote2015-06-10 02:13 am

Time goes By

[ Leaves blow softly. He climbs to a hilltop. There is a circle of pines here, and he leans against one. He looks out over a forested valley. The sun gleams on the pine needles except where there is shade, and a blue sky arches over the far side of the valley. Time goes by, and the sun slips down behind the ridge. So silent is this place that he thinks he must be the last sentient being in all the world. Yet, it is peaceful. Peace is not something he much understands...and yet it is strangely welcome. ]

[ He looks westward and sucks a breath in sharply. His dark gray eyes widen as he steps out from under the trees to see if he really saw what he thinks he saw. What he sees is the planet Venus. (Or, in his world, Earendil's ship Vingilot, bearing the white flame of one of Feanor's jewels.) ]

Surely that is a Silmaril? [ He is seeing what his brothers Maedhros and Maglor saw on the eve of the War of Wrath, not long before Maedhros' death and at some unspecified interval before Maglor's. But he doesn't know about that; it happened after his own time had come. ]

Then... [ He means: That one, at least, is safe from me and my brothers. ]