so_dark_a_road: (under cloud and sky #2)
Curufin, son of FĂ«anor ([personal profile] so_dark_a_road) wrote2015-06-07 04:15 pm

Some time after the slaughter in Doriath

[He finds himself lying face up on fallen leaves and other forest-floor debris, under the trees of summer. Strange, considering he met his death in the dead of winter. He gets up slowly, gazing all around.]

...Where is this place?

[He turns around and starts to walk, stumbles, halts again.]

This is not Menegroth. [He would know.]

Why am I even here? I failed to recover the Simarils. Should not the Dark have claimed me? Or if not that -- if instead by some miracle I am released from my oath -- then am I now trapped forever in the Halls of Mandos?

[Increasing distress.]

...I'll walk. I'll find somebody. Someone will know where we are. Someone will know what has happened to my brothers.

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